New Strengthening Families Session Begins Feb. 18 in Quakertown

The Strengthening Families Program for Parents and Youth 10-14 can help you and your children prepare for the teen years. This program is a free and fun opportunity to strengthen family communication and promote family bonding.  A new session starts Feb. 18, 2014,  in Quakertown.

Each cycle includes seven weekly sessions including a family meal, free babysitting and a chance to win a weekly gift card. The program is for parents and their children ages 10-14.

The schedule is as follows (click for registration form in PDF format):

  • Upper Bucks County - Classes start on Feb. 18, 2014, and continue for the next seven Tuesdays from 6-8:30 p.m. at 1009 Juniper Street, Quakertown.

Weekly sessions will include:

  • Fun Family Games and Activities
  • Engaging & Interactive Youth Activities
  • Interaction with Other Parents
  • FREE Family Meal Each Week
  • FREE Childcare for Younger Siblings
  • Gift Card Raffle Each Week

The first half hour of the program will be devoted to a communal dinner followed by an hour hour where teens and parents meet separately and then the final hour is dedicated to bringing parents and youth together.

Parents and caregivers will discuss a host of topics such as: the normal developmental changes in teenagers, helping teens to avoid risks and substance use, setting age appropriate limits, helping youth to understand rules and consequences, effective joint problem solving skills and ways to show love and support.

Youth will learn about and then practice making good decisions and setting goals, peer pressure resistance skills to avoid problems with drugs & alcohol, empathy and appreciation of parents/caregivers and ways to cope with stress.

Submit the form below or download one of the registration forms below to mail in or fax to Nina Stephens. Call 215-538-4799 for more information.

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